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JnC was founded in 2011 to provide advisory services pertaining to the economical purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals for our large US based customer and partner, along with other global buyers of these, and other types of specialty chemicals, active pharmaceutical intermediates, and mechanical products.


Our sustainable competitive advantage is to leverage our extensive network of Subject Matter Experts, manufacturers, and buyers of chemicals and products, in a way that allows us to add value across the global supply chain. In addition, we can help companies be more effective by providing tailored training, interpersonal skill building, and leveraging organizational "EQ" & process improvement through Lean Six Sigma.



Jeffrey Bryan Smith

President & Chief Operating Officer

Jeffrey Smith founded JnC Global Corporation and has served as the President and Chief Operating Officer since its inception in September 2011.


Prior to starting JnC, Jeff was the general manager of the global water and food safety business at UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a premier global safety science company where he was responsible for the strategic planning and related execution activities for UL’s water analytical and product certifications since December 2007.

Prior to UL, Jeff held various senior management and entrepreneurial positions in the plastics and chemical industries. Previous leadership positions include President and CEO of a recreational water construction materials company, Aggregate Concepts, LLC, vice president and general manager of Occidental Chemical and vice president of international sales and marketing for the Rexene Corporation.


Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Northern Illinois University and graduated from the Stanford University Business School Executive Program for Growing Companies.



Dr. T.N.V.V. Rao

Vice President Business Development, Asia


Dr. T.N.V.V. Rao joined JNC in 2014. He has over 25 years of experience in the area of water management. He has a PhD in Environmental Chemistry, an MBA, and a host of other qualifications in laboratory management, business management, sales & marketing. He has published a significant number of articles in esteemed Indian & international journals, and has presented at prestigious seminars and symposia.




Chief Executive Officer

Carol Smith contributed to the founding of JnC Global Corporation and has served in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Information Officer since Q1 2012.


Prior to starting at JnC, Carol was the Global Manager, Customer Service Technology & Process at UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a premier global safety science company where she was responsible for the Lean Six Sigma process improvement, Technology implementations, Training and Reporting for Global Customer Service and Sales since May 2002.

Prior to UL, Carol held various global and regional management positions across various industries including insurance, metals, manufacturing, real estate, and travel industries. Her primary focus was improving corporate profitability and growth, technological enhancements, process efficiency and providing customer focus


Carol holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Northeastern Illinois University and is certified in Lean Six Sigma and computer programming for various telecommunications software.


Services List

  • Identifiy buyers of "Your Products" in the specified territory(ies).
  • Act as a broker, provide access to customers and facilitate sales of your products.
  • Assist you with getting EPA approval on your products.
  • Help you work with experts from the U.S. Department of Commerce to reduce your Anti-Dumping Duty.

Market Research
  • Analysis of current market trends, market growth expectations, costs, history, or other governmental or outside factors effecting the product       marketability.
  • Development of a research / white paper to support findings.
  • A recommendation for your path forward.

Market Development
  • The Development of a direct telesales campaign to validate leads and pursue telesales transactions.
  • The Development of appropriate marketing materials for both on-line and direct sell use.
  • The engagement of JnC Chemical Network Contacts within the Industrial and residential water sanitizer and water equipment markets.
  • Face to face meetings with prospective buyers as required to create awareness of your products and to seek purchase commitments.

Lean / Six Sigma Process Improvement
  • Use the DMAIC Process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) to identify variability and / or waste, and create a new "LEANER" process     with "LESS VARIABILITY".
  • Create documentation, reporting and other controls to reduce variability and ensure process is followed.

  • Work with experts within your company to gain an understanding of the product / system
  • Create training materials.
  • Skills development training.
  • Team building: Enhance individual interpersonal / sensitivity and sensibility skills to develop a robust EQ culture .
  • Train identified staff / customers either in person or on-line on all aspects of the product / system which they need to know.

Commission Payments

If you elect to have JnC assist you in selling your products, we will work with you to establish a mutually agreeable compensation rate. This rate will be assessed for any sale JnC is able to secure on your company’s behalf, once specific terms such as duration, qualification and scope have been agreed upon.

Project Fees


JnC will assess your request and quote a project cost. Projects fees start at $4,000 and vary depending on the services you request and the number of topics you want covered.


Travel & Expenses will be charged if applicable.

Hourly Fees

JnC Global’s hourly rate is $400.00. This cost structure is ideal for very small projects or when you don’t know the entire scope of the project you wish JnC to perform for you.

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Chief Executive Officer


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